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“In terms of CIMS and given that they without exception scored 100% in all categories and given that interviews were conducted at all 16 locations with those charged with overseeing the contracts with No negatives of note, it is indeed my honor and privilege to recommend Advanced Maintenance Solutions for ISSA’s CIMS certification and GB certification with Honors.”Lance Witchen, CIMS Auditor

“We were not very happy with our previous service. Both I and my boss have nothing but good to say about AMS from the top on down. There is a consistency of performance here that is very impressive.”Lori H, Appleton, AMS customer since 2013

“I can relate that this building is a high profile one and requires a high level of cleanliness and consistency. We are very pleased with the service received from AMS and our cleaning staff, as well as the communication received from Amanda and AMS corporate.”  – Brian O., Kaukauna, AMS customer since 2012

“Our company has worked with Christine Schad and her team since 2012 – they have provided cleaning services for our offices, plant areas, and our distribution center. They set a high standard for their cleaning services, are prompt with responding to unexpected requests, and are thorough in their work. AMS provided us with a clear, comprehensive work plan that outlined the daily cleaning and with the Covid-19 pandemic, offered a number of options for increased disinfecting of our facilities. I would not hesitate in recommending Advanced Maintenance Solutions for any of your cleaning services.” Mark R., Manager Manufacturing Engineering & Maintenance

“I like the follow-up I receive from Patti, and with the nature of the business demanding a high level of clean, that follow up through inspections is a requirement. The facility always looks very clean.” Shelly, Green Bay, AMS customer since 2015

“Both the staff and AMS have always been responsive to our needs. While not a large facility, we are growing and hoping to add to the site we are currently in. We are extremely happy with the service and with the attention/communication we receive from both entities. The staff is doing a nice job here, and there have been no issues with service or response from either the staff or AMS.” Karin, Superior Transport, AMS customer since 2015

“We never have to worry about the cleanliness of the site. Even though the winter months can be a challenge, AMS has met the challenge year after year. The site is checked on a regular basis. As well, we receive regular communication from AMS to ensure that our needs are being met.” John R., Manager of one of 13 Credit Union branches served, AMS customer since 2002

“This is a challenging building because it is in the historic register, and as such is a converted paper mill, and is very old. The fact that it is in the register means that the landlord has very specific things that are allowed, and things that are not allowed. For example, in the winter months, they are prohibited from putting any matting on the wood floor inside the main doors. If that area is not kept clean, they run the risk of damaging the entire floor. The AMS team does an excellent job of maintaining the entire library, which is evident. They are well satisfied with the cleaning service and note that AMS is very responsive to their needs. SDS sheets are present, and chemicals properly labeled.” Tony, AMS customer since 2016

“Caroline is very happy with the service her facility is receiving. She says they are prompt at responding to any requests she might have, and that Amanda is also very responsive to the customer. I asked if there was anything she would seek to change or improve, and she couldn’t think of anything.” Paula U., Clinic Manager, AMS customer since 2009

“We are very happy with them. Communication with them has been excellent, and service is always consistently meeting our needs. We had gone through 3 or 4 providers before AMS, and the issues were always consistency related. We are a large food manufacturer, and the nature of what we do and the products we make, as well as the government mandates (FDA) placed on us, means that we cannot afford inconsistency. Since AMS came on board 14 years ago, we have not ever had to worry about any of these inconsistencies.” Karen, Purchasing Agent/Senior Buyer, customer since 2007

“Our entire management team is happy with the relationship with AMS. We view them as a valuable resource for us. The fact that they are CIMS certified is important to our organization as the management best practices in place means consistency and reassures us that any staff brought into our 500,000 square foot facility have been carefully vetted, properly trained, and will be supervised to ensure high standards are always being upheld.” Brad B., Sheboygan, customer since 2013

“Our large cheese production facility site runs 24/7 and requires cleaning to the highest standards. We are very comfortable with the service received from AMS. Any requests that come up are responded to nearly immediately, and cannot actually remember when the last complaint was, if ever. The building is inspected twice-weekly by the AMS manager, in addition to the night supervisors who also check in regularly to ensure good communication.” Dave H., Safety Coordinator, customer since 2014

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