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Our Process

We want your cleaning service to run as smoothly as possible. Surprise parties are fun, but surprises at work? No, thank you. That’s why we have developed our five-step system—which includes a pass of with our Clorox Total360 electrostatic sanitizing system at the end of your initial clean—for ultimate peace of mind. This way everyone is on the same page about what’s expected, and your expectations are consistently and continuously met.


Step 1: Consultation

We can’t wait to meet you. As part of the Consultation, our team will visit your facility and met with you to evaluate your needs, establish your preferred Work Plan and service schedule, and determine the number of hours likely required. If you prefer, we can meet with you and tour your facility virtually using blueprints, building specs and provided details to estimate your project. However, before starting we will need to physically tour your facility to confirm our measurements and pricing.

We will also review additional services you may benefit from—like our Clorox® Total 360® sanitizing system as well as long-term scheduled maintenance programs and facility supply program.

Once we calculate everything, we’ll send you a digital proposal that we’d be happy to review with you in-person or over the phone. Your proposal will include the recommended work plan, program cost, and our standard maintenance and add-on services.

If you have any questions, let us know. Otherwise, you’ll be able to digitally sign your proposal and get ready for Step 2.


Step 2: Pre-service Orientation

Shortly before starting service, we’ll schedule an in-person meeting to introduce your Advanced Maintenance Solutions® Care Team. During orientation, we’ll review important logistics, such as:


  • how to handle supply orders
  • obtaining building keys and security instructions
  • trash and recycling disposal instructions
  • emergency contact information
  • on-going communication
  • quality plans

    Step 3: Initial Clean

Initial Clean
Upon your initial day of service, our team will arrive on-site in accordance with your cleaning schedule. Our field supervisor will conduct a detailed site-specific orientation with the staff, set job assignments, and cover important safety and security instructions.

Our focus during these first few days is on completing an extensive initial clean of all the areas we’ll be servicing. This includes cleaning and organizing our supply closets. As a finishing touch to your initial clean, we’ll also bring in our Clorox® Total 360® Disinfection System and do a thorough sanitizing and disinfection of all shared high-touch surfaces in the areas we service.


Step 4: Maintenance

Once our team has completed the initial clean, we will contact you for feedback and review how we’re doing. As we move into the regularly scheduled service, our team will use the agreed-upon service plan to carry out all duties while our supervisors monitor results to ensure the plan continues to meet your expectations.

We can adjust your work plan and proposal as needed to suit additional needs, but it’s a good idea to review and discuss any possible suggested modifications to the services after the first 30 days so you have a chance to get used to our presence and we have a chance to get used to your facility.


Step 5: Inspect and Review

American engineer and statistician W. Edwards Deming said that “It’s not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.” We agree. To continuously do our best, we must continuously measure our results and your satisfaction to measure and track performance. This is why our field supervisors carry out regular quality assurance inspections. This assures that safe and professional working practices are always being followed.

We will also set-up scheduled periodic reviews based on your proposed needs to get your feedback on how we are doing either in-person or by phone—whatever works best for you. It’s a winning combination to ensure we’re continuously doing our best.



CLICK HERE to learn more about our Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting Services.

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